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How do we teach music at Moor Allerton Hall Primary School?


Aspiration and inspiration

At Moor Allerton Hall we have designed a music curriculum that raises the aspirations of our children and inspires them to find and use their innate creativity. As music involvement outside the school was low, many of the activities and provisions are planned to raise the aspirations of the students so that any provision that is offered is taken up by as many students as possible. Our community consists of a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and our curriculum is designed to both reflect that and expose children from all backgrounds to new learning and experiences which may not be open to them elsewhere. This is part of our commitment to inspire a love of learning and curiosity about the world.

With that in mind we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which we recognise is essential to giving all children, regardless of background, the aspiration to take part in music. Beyond the classroom, we offer a range of activities which we have designed to inspire our pupils.

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