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Year 3


Meet the Team...

Our amazing Year 3  team have had a few changes over the holidays. Miss Leach will now join the Year 3 Team and is now the Year 3 and 4 Team leader, which she is very excited about. She is also our Reading Lead. Mr Maher will be  moving into his new role as Co Headteacher.

Mr Walton, who will be joining our MAHPs team in September, will be teaching 3L on Friday and will be leading R.E across the school. We warmly welcome him to our MAHPs family.

Ms Jones will continue to teach Class 3J and will now lead Design and Technology across school. Mr Walton will also be teaching on a Thursday in 3J.

They will be supported by Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Hussain and Mrs Moran.

Ms Akthar will also be staying in Year 3 and will be supported by Mr Cacciaguerra, Miss Gaughan and Mrs Paschali.

Mrs O'Reilly and Mrs Ratour will also be supporting our Year 3 classes this year.

Summer Term-Computing and History

A dynamic topic where the children will study how technology has changed over time before moving onto finding out what robots are and what they are used for. his is a practical topic which involves making robots, electrical circuits and then programming them to move!

Important Information...