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The Attendance Officer, Marcus Wadsworth,  will work alongside key school staff in school to promote excellent attendance, reduce levels of absence and work with children and families to promote high levels of attendance. It is important to:ยท

  • Promote and support high levels of attendance
  • To support students in achieving their full academic potential
  • Promote a positive attendance and punctuality culture
  • Form strong relationships with parents/carer

Regular attendance is expected from all children unless they are ill. Our Attendance Officer monitors school attendance closely.

Of course there may be times when your child has to miss school because he or she is ill. This is to be expected and for the odd day off sick you should inform school by 9.00 am on the first day of absence, by emailing pupilabsence@mahps.uk or calling the Absence Line.

Children may also have to attend a medical or dental appointment in school time. However, you should try to make routine appointments such as dental check-ups during the school holidays or after school hours. If this is unavoidable please let the school know you intend to collect a child for an appointment and when you are likely to bring them back. Your child should not need to miss the whole day because of a medical appointment.

We recognise and reward the good attendance of both individual pupils and classes with certificates, stickers and trophies.

School has worked closely with families and highlighted and celebrated the importance of regular attendance.
Ofsted Report October 2012

Absence During Term Time

You should not expect school to agree to an absence during term time as this means that children miss essential learning opportunities. It will be difficult for them to catch up with work later on.

All requests for leave of absence must be discussed with the Headteacher or Attendance Officer. You will also need to complete a Leave of Absence form.

Our policies regarding attendance and taking your child out of school during term time can be found in the policy section of the website:

Please see the link below to access the Leave of Absence Request Form.