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Year 4

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Meet the team...

Year 4 welcomes some new faces into the team as well as having a few familiar faces. Mr Wareham will be staying in Year 4 and will teach Class 4W and will be supported by Mrs Bussey. Miss Leach will be moving from Year 3 and will be sharing Class 4L with Mrs Hussain and they will be supported by Ms Hyman and Mrs Sallam. Miss Kaye will also be moving from Year 3 to Year 4 and will teach 4K. She will be supported by two new members of our MAHPs team; Mr Bartley and Ms 

Our Year 4 Team...

Autumn Term Topic...

Extreme Earth

A geography-based topic called Extreme Earth! The children will study the dynamic nature of our planet. Firstly, they will study plate tectonics - identifying the structure of the earth and how this effects volcanoes and earthquakes. After this, they will look closely at the structure of volcanoes and earthquakes and how they occur. Finally, the children will gain an insight into the devastation these can have on the environment and the human population.  

Important information...

Year 4 Multiplication Check

Just as reminder your child will undertake a mutliplication check during the Summer term of Year 4.

This check is a mandatory governmental check across England for all Year 4 children and will be completed online. Check the information booklet below for more details.

Practicing Multiplication tables at home

Practising  times tables at home should be done in a fun and engaging way. You could encourage your child to use our subscription for TT Rockstars or Purple Mash (click on the links to your left). These online sites help children to practise their times tables, while having fun.

Additionally, if you want to review the times tables with your child, make the process quick, fun and only use 5 or less time table facts each day. This doesn't over burden the child's capacity to hold the information in their working memory and will help them remember the key facts easier. For ideas on how to practise times tables with your child click and follow the Oxford Owl web link below.

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