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Internet Safety Advice for Parents and Carers

School Documents and Policies

Below are a number of key documents, produced by the school, to help parents support their pupils time online. Also, there is our eSafety policy that outlines how the children in MAHPS will use the internet in school.                                          

Click above for information on how to talk to your children about online safety.

Here are some of your comments from the eSafety workshop....

Why did you attend today’s workshop?

  • To obtain a greater insight into the school’s approach
  • To be aware of risks and to get advice on strategies and practical advice
  • To learn how to keep my child safe online
  • To be informed how to be more aware with children and the internet
  • My daughter is in year 1 and I feel I need the information to stay on top of the issue

What did you learn today?

  • How the school utilises the internet safely
  • Useful apps
  • Dangers of cyber bullying
  • Safety mode on the computer
  • Where to report and how to report…
  • Tips on how to engage with children
  • Avoid bullying

Was the session useful?

  • Yes. It was informative and good to have advice on safety issues.
  • Yes 100% it was very useful
  • Yes. A lot of useful information

What would you like in future sessions?

  • More practical advice on safety settings and how to use them
  • Other ways to be more secure
  • More information on apps/websites
  • Future updates on this topic



Online Support

As well providing support from the school we have also provided a number of links to key websites that provide excellent support and advice to families and parents.

Advice for ParentsReporting abuse

Resources for parents

Childnet International

eSafety for Children

esafety booklet 2

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