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Friday 25th May 2018

Please refer to the school calendar for half term dates.

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We update our attendance weekly. Please see here to see how we are doing.

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Click on the link below to visit our eSafety page. This page gives parents and pupils helpful advice about how to stay safe online.

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Important information. Please read the public health letter below.
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Giving your child the wings to fly...

Welcome to Moor Allerton Hall

Our school has great children who bring a wide range of excellent experiences to share. You will find as you go round school that classes are full of friendly children who know how to learn together and look after each another. We believe working with families is essential, so we will keep parents & carers involved in their child’s learning.


‘The senior leadership team, governors and dedicated staff have determinedly made many changes that are improving the school’

‘The school’s values are used well by staff to encourage pupils to celebrate their achievements, raise aspirations and increase pupils’ respect for each other.’

Our latest OFSTED report from May 2017 is now available. Please read the Parent/Carer letter  for more information on the overall judgements and our next steps. We encourage you to read the full OFSTED report to see the many excellent comments about our school.

'Leaders have transformed the teaching of reading since 2016… pupils’ progress in reading is improving rapidly and there is greater consistency in teaching across classes’

The schools’ caring culture is ever present. Pupils are considerate and thoughtful towards others.’

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Ofsted inspections  - A guide for parent/ carers


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What our children think...

"My son (in Year 1) rated his day at school on Monday as, "99 out of 100", he'd had such a great time: apparently only his birthday and Christmas Day would have scored more highly. Today was ranked an almost equally impressive "97". There have been no special events this week (Alien Day, World Book Day etc.), just regular school days. I wanted to feed back his glowing endorsement of MAH. As parents, we've been consistently impressed with the rate of his learning and development, but how fabulous that he's also enjoying himself so much along the way!" Year 1 Parent and Child

'As part of our School Council people tell us their ideas,' Asim.

'Our buddies at playtime are always around to help. If someone is upset, we try and play with them,' Ria.

'We have lots of trips. We went on an adventure to Malham Cove,' Aitzaz.

'Our topics are brilliant! In our 'Space' topic, we learnt about planets and astronauts,' Rayna.

'My favourite topic is the circus because one day our teachers dressed up as a clown,' Erin.

'We have our own amazing world wide library,' Krisha.

'I like the library because there are lots of books to choose from,' Amrit

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