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Year 5

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Meet the team...

This year the Year 5 team will see a number of new staff joining them as well as some familiar faces staying on the team.

Mrs Clemens will be moving from Year 6 to Year 5 and will continue to lead across Year 5 and 6. She will also be continuing her great work with the Maths Team.

Mr Cook is returning from paternity leave this term and will teach in 5C, he will also continue to work as part of our PE team.

Miss Keegan will continue to work with our SEND team on Monday and Tuesday. Mr Walton, who is new to the school, will teach in 5K on these days. Welcome to our MAHPS family Mr Walton. 

The Year 5 Team will be supported by Mrs Bussey, Mrs Digpal, Mrs Malik and Mrs Matharu.

Mrs O'Reilly and Mrs Ratour will also be supporting our Year 5 classes this year.

Summer Term - Art and History

The children look at the key reasons the Islamic civilisation flourished in this period and how it compared to Western countries at the time. The children will look at the key leaders of the time and the reason why they were successful – war, trade, religion

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