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House Teams at Moor Allerton Hall Primary School

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Our house emblems above were designed by former student Manvinder Dev. They are all linked to famous local people who lived in Moor Allerton Hall in the past.

House Teams...

Children are grouped into Four House Teams. These are Rowntree (Blue), Pollard (Green), Bowring (Red) and Lambert (Yellow) Houses. 

Every child is given one of these four Houses to support. Each child is placed in a House on entry to school and remains a member of this team throughout their time at the school. Siblings are placed in the same house team. House Leaders are elected from Year 6 pupils and they provide positive leadership to the children in their House and the various competitions and events organised throughout the year. On Sports Day and House Events the Houses compete against each other as teams and a cup is awarded to the winning House.

House Leaders

Each House is represented by their House Leaders (from Year 6 interviewed for the position by a member of the Senior Leadership Team). 

The House Leaders are responsible for leading their House in competitions and events, and representing the school in the community and a range of school events and activities. The responsibilities of the House Leaders are: -

  • to set an example to the other children
  • to earn house points and encourage others to do so
  • to represent the house when collecting awards
  • to be somebody others can turn to for advice

Earning House Points...

House Points can be awarded by all staff to children for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Polite, well-mannered behaviour
  • Demonstrating a caring attitude towards peers
  • Working to the best of their ability
  • Good attendance
  • Putting special effort into a piece of work
  • Neatly presented work
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Sporting achievement
  • Taking part in competitions and events
  • Helpful approaches to different situations

House points are awarded using the following guidance:

Most awards for the children will fall in the 1 house point bracket and higher numbers are only awarded for really special behaviour, work etc. See below for further guidance.

  • 1 house point for an isolated achievement (e.g. a one off act of kindness, helpfulness, good work etc)
  • 2 house points for a sustained achievement (e.g. sustained good behaviour, an achieved target, hard work on a project etc)
  • 3 house points for a special achievement (e.g. something that goes above and beyond) or a group achievement (e.g. for winning a class-based team game)
  • 5 house points can be awarded for extra special achievements by the Senior Leadership Team

We have introduced a House Points System at Moor Allerton Hall Primary School in Upper School Year 4-6. 

This system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement for the children. It fosters community spirit and gives the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger, which involves children from all year groups. The older children are positive role models and take on a pastoral role for the younger children.

Click on the document below to discover what our House Team names mean...Image result for word logo

House Leaders and Vice Leaders...


Leaders - Mia and Salahuddin     

Leaders - Isabelle and Paige


Leaders - Jasmine and Rayna

Leader - Mae and Sophie             

Individual House Awards

Children who are awarded house points by staff will record these on a tally chart in their class. No physical tickets or counter will be given – the system relies on the honesty of our children and this should be encouraged and reiterated at the start of each term. Each week the children are able to keep a record of their house points on a class tally sheet. This will be tallied up at the end of each half-term and awards will be given for children receiving the following number of house points:

  • Bronze award: 50 House point
  • Silver award: 75 House points
  • Gold award: 100 house points

House Awards

Every week, the total house points for Upper School are counted by our House Leaders and a weekly winner announced during our Upper School Assembly every Thursday. These are then added to the house points chart.

House points are then tallied over the course of a term, a winner is announced, and the children in that house are rewarded with a special event or treat.

At the end of the year, once all house points are tallied, the House Champions will be announced. The winning house will be awarded their ribbons on the House Cup.


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