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Year 5

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Meet the team...

The Year 5 team this year has a number of new staff as well as some familiar faces. Mrs Hope (was Miss Wigham) will continue in Year 5 and we will now see Mrs Clemens return to Upper School -transfering from Year 3 into Year 5 - both are very experienced teachers.  Mrs Ratour (5C) and Mrs O’Reilly (5H) will be both moving from Year 4 to support in Year 5. They have all spent along time creating new and dynamic topics and are all very excited about the new team and teaching the new topics.

Spring Term Topic...

ASMR Français - Histoire des Vikings - YouTubeInvaders

In this dramatic topic the children learn about the Anglo-Saxon, Scots and Viking invasions: routes, kingdoms, ancient roads, warriors and historical sources that we use to understand them. Children play an invasion game, paint pictures and make a shield. The children study the Bayeux Tapestry, Danelaw for what we can learn from them about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and then the children create their own narrative based on these.

Important information...

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