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Year 4

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Meet the team...

Year 4 welcomes a new teacher into the team as well as a two familiar faces from Year 6 and  Year 3. Mr Maher and Mrs Hussain will join forces to teach 4M and will be supported by Mrs Rathor and Mrs Hussain. Miss Keegan is another new teacher to school and will be teaching Class 4K and will be working alongside Mrs Iqbal, who has joined the Year 4 team from Year 5.  The Year 4 team are very excited about the new topics they have designed for this year and can't wait to get started working with the children.




Autumn Term Topic...

Cinema, cinema, cinemaExtreme Earth

This term's Year 4 topic is a geography-based topic called Extreme Earth! The children will study the dynamic nature of our planet. Firstly, they will study plate tectonics - identifying the structure of the earth and how this effects volcanoes and earthquakes. After this, they will look closely at the structure of volcanoes and earthquakes and how they occur. Finally, the children will gain an insight into the devastation these can have on the environment and the human population. As part of this topic, the children will also create an earthquake-proof structure in DT and study the dramatic landscape paintings of William Turner.

Important information...

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