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Year 3


Meet the Team...

This year sees Year 3 expand to 3 classes and will, as a result, have a number of brand new staff join the team.

Mr Cook will be staying in the year group, and will continue to teach Class 3C. He will be supported by Mrs Ratour, Mrs Digpal and Mrs Addy. Mr Cook will be joined by a new teacher to the school; Mr Wareham,  who will teach 3W and will be supported by Mrs Iqbal and Mrs Hussain. Finally, we welcome back Mrs Skilton from her maternity leave. She will be linking up with Mr Maher, who has moved from Year 4 to Year 3, to teach Class 3S. They will be supported by Mrs Ratour and Mrs Aziz.

Our Year 3 Staff...

Spring Term Topic...

Ancient Times

An inspirational topic that compares Ancient Egypt to Ancient Britain. The children will compare the everyday life of Britain’s Ancient people to the Egyptians – Stonehenge vs the Great Pyramids. The children will start off studying both ancient civilisations – finding out where people lived, what they ate and which Gods they worshipped. Finally, they will debate which civilisation would have been best to live in if you were an 8-year-old child! 

Important Information...

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