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Meet the team...

Year One is all new and exciting this year.  In 1P we have Mrs Parrini and Mrs Raynor. Mrs Parrini leads Science in school. They will be supported by Mrs McBurnie. In 1K we have Miss Keane. She will be joning Moor Allerton Hall this year from Manchester. We are very excited to have her on the team. Miss Keane will be supported by Mrs Dev.  In 1G we have Mrs Pritchard  sharing the class with Mrs Gilgunn. Mrs Pritchard leads writing in school and Mrs Gilgunn leads Art. They will be supported in class by Miss Edwards who has just joined us as a new TA. We are also very excited to have her on the team. 

Phonics in Year 1

Read, Write inc.

If you would like more information please visit the Ruth Miskin website. There is a clip to show you the pure phonic sounds we use in school and other helpful support for parents.

Autumn Term Topic

all about me

This is Me!

This is a new topic in Year 1 which is Geography based. In the topic we look at our own location in relation to the country. Where do we live? Where is Leeds? We compare Leeds to towns and villages and talk about what features make Leeds a City. 

We will spend time looking at our immediate environment and look at the local houses, schools, shops and parks. We will be using basic mapping to draw and follow routes from school to specific local area landmarks.

Important Information...

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