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Meet the team...

Year One is all new and exciting this year. We have three classes entering Year 1. In one of our classes we have Mrs Parrini and Mrs Raynor. Mrs Parrini leads Science in school. They will be supported by Mrs Hodelin, Ms Addy and Ms Othick. In the second Year One class we have Miss Ratour. She will be joning us back in Year One after her year in Reception. Miss Ratour leads Geography in school and she will be supported in class by Mrs Georgiou, Mrs Dev and Ms Addy. In the new third class in Year One we have Mrs Pritchard returning part time and sharing the class with Mrs Gilgunn. Mrs Pritchard leads writing in school and Mrs Gilgunn leads Art. They will be supported in class by Mrs Najeeb, Mrs Dev and Mrs Aziz.


Spring Term Topic

South America

South America

This Spring topic is fantastic in Year One. The children learn all about different countries in South America. They compare life there with life in Leeds. They look at the culture, food, people and weather. The children explore The Rainforest and think about ways we can save the animals in The Rainforest. 

The topic starts with some animal art and ends with a trip to Tropical World.

Important Information...

This space is reserved for any important documents for parents. These will often be related to the children's curriculum, targets, homework etc.


Read, Write inc.

If you would like more information please visit the Ruth Miskin website. There is a clip to show you the pure phonic sounds we use in school and other helpful support for parents.

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