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Activity Journals and Year Group Challenges

In the first instance, we have provided you with an extensive step by step Activity Journal aimed at the three different school stages (EYFS, KS1 and KS2).

These journals will allow your child to access all the different areas of the curriculum: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, music and PE.

There is clear advice within the journals about how to approach working through it and how best to help your child. It is worth taking the time to read the Introduction to identify the best ways to approach this part of your Home Learning.

As well as this, we have also provided you with Topic Challenges. These are linked to your children’s topics. These Topic Challenges, give your child different types of activities linked to English, topic as well as DT and art.

Both the Activity Journal and the Topic Challenges should be placed within a daily routine so the content is spread out over a number of weeks. We suggest the Activity Journal should take between two and three weeks but could take up to four weeks. The Topic Challenge Sheets should take around two weeks. This should take the children beyond the Easter Holidays. After this time, we will be adding more Subject Challenges weekly, based around science, maths, grammar etc.

To save printing and paper costs, we suggest you don't print off the Activity Journals but download them and view them on the computer. We suggest you then get your child to write their reponses in a A4 lined notebook to keep a record of the activities your child completes.

Topic Challenges

Activity Journals

The  Activity Journals have been kindly prepared and developed for free by TTS https://www.tts-group.co.uk/ . Thank you.

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