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Year 6 MPs for a Week

Our issues..


At the start of this term the Year 6 children became MPs for a week. This event coincides with their residential trip to London where they will visit the Houses of Parilament and get a guided tour by our local MP, Fabian Hamilton. 

Day 1

The children began their week reseraching what an MP actually did.

Day 2

Following this, they had to decide on an imprtant issue they wanted to support. For this, they researched the issue and took down both sides of the debate. 

Day 3

This day began with a press conference! The children had to answer stern questions from the press (the children). After this, the children then had a chance to support different issues and did this by casting a vote.

Day 4

Following the press conference all the groups went away and created leaflets and posters to encourage more of their constitutes to support their issues. Once these had been finished, they allowed their constitutes to read them. The constitutes then voted again on which issued they would support.

Day 5

The final day brought the 'Presentations'. Each group had to present their ideas and issue. The constitutes once again voted on the issue. Finally, all the votes were tallied up and the team with the most votes had their bill voted through and their issue became law!!

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