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Year 5 Summer Big Bang - India Vaiskhi Celebration

Big Bang

'Last week, on Friday, we had our Big Bang. We all came to school dressed in orange, blue or in Indian clothes. We did this because our topic is about India. On the day, we were split into activity groups - dance, roleplay, interviewing, food and clothes decoration. After we did all that, we went outside where we were all holding a special flag while we walked around the playground. Finally, we came back inside and danced to music - it was a great day!'

Written by Ra'Is Class 12

Class 13 Assembly

'Our Assembly was about our incredible Indian topic. Firstlt, we practised and rehearsed what we were going to do and say during the show. As part of our assembly we learnt: Bollywood dancing, prayers, how to say helloe and thank you in the main Indian languages (Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu). In addition to all this, we planned a presentation for the school to look at during the assembly. Furthermore, we remade the celebration of Vaisakhi - a popular Sikh celebration. As part of this celebration we did some dancing and went on a large parade across the playground to spread the word of Vaisakhi. After all that, we did a play that showed the birth of Khalasa and finally we all ate Langer (Indian food) to celebrate the end of the whole celebrations.' Written by Gurman Class 13.

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