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Everyone listens to the annoucement of war from Neville Chamberline in 1939.

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Pupils don gas masks and make their way to the Billeting Hall (St Edmunds Hall in Roundhay).

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Pupils (evacuees) are joined with their new families...cake helped the process go smoothly!

UKS2 pupils had a great evacuation event to start their War and Peace topic. Pupils loved the air raid experience and the evacuation to St Edwards Hall in Roundhay. To start the event, the pupils experienced what an air raid might be like during the Blitz. Following this (extreme experience), the pupils had the real life evacuation, where the Billeting Officers (teachers) marched the pupils to St Edwards Hall in Roundhay. Here they were divided up into families, sung war time songs, tasted egg-less cakes and marched home again. Great start to the topic! 

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