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Rocket Science

In December Tim Peake took some rocket seeds into space on the International Space Station. He wanted to know if being in space would affect how they grew so he asked lots of schools in the UK to help him. We registered to take part in the Rocket Science experiment and were very excited when our seeds arrived in school in April.

There were 2 packets, each with 100 seeds inside. A blue packet and a red packet. We tried to work out which ones had been to space but we knew we would have to plant them to find out. Year 4 pupils planted the seeds and had to complete a number of observations to feed back to the scientists at the European Space Agency. They had to record when the seedlings germinated, how many leaves they grew, how tall they grew and how many were still alive ata the end of the experiment.

Thank you Tim Peake for providing this wonderful opportunity to take part in a real-life science experiment and help to advance our knowledge about time in space.






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