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LKS2 Boot Camp and Dentist

boot 2

Children were able to show how flexible their bodies are during a Pilate session.


Using a model, the dentist shows us the best way to brush our teeth.


Then we had a go ourselves!


With heart beats racing, year 3 and 4 were pushed to their limits during our fun filled day of all things exercise! From circuit training and Bollywood dancing to yoga and Pilates, everyone had a great time learning about why exercise is important and how it affects our bodies

boot 3

Mrs Clemens couldn’t keep up with the speedy runners!

Dentist Visit

In the second half term, we were honoured to welcome staff from Primley Park Dental Surgery who presented a very special session to the children. We learnt about the importance of looking after our teeth and how to brush them properly. With bright pink teeth and gums, children were able to see the plaque on their teeth using disclosing tablets.


Dentist gives us the special disclosing tablets that turned our teeth bright pink so we could see the plaque!

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