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Debating @ MAHPS


Leeds Debating competition came to MAHPS as we hosted the 2nd round of heats. Competition was fierce and the standard was incredibly high. All teams presented brilliantly, however both MAHPS teams went through to the quarter Finals in May at the Civic Hall in Leeds. Go MAHPS debators!

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The debators thought...

In the debating competition heats at MAHPS there were many teams either for or against the motion, "Should under 11 year olds choose their own bedtime?" In each team there were three members, and I will say all of them, from all teams, clearly had great passion for what they were doing. But only 8 teams could advance to the quarter finals at the Civic Hall in Leeds. Each individyal person had to ive a speech on their viewpoint on the motion, and were given an overal score by the judges. Halfway through the competition, when it was my turn, Year 5 came into watch - adding a bit of spice! The experience as a whole was exciting and very fun to do and I look forward to the next round in May. 

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