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Year 6

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Meet the team...

There are not any changes to the Year 6 team this year, however the new team and the new Year 6 children will get to learn in the exciting new classrooms! All of the team have been watching the development of the new build and can't wait to start teaching and learning in the new term!

Mr. Maher will be teaching in Class 6M, supported by Ms Fearon. Miss Whigham will be teaching in 6W, once again supported by Mrs Doherty and Mrs Roberts. Mrs Sambhi will also be working in Year 6 as well as supporting the EAL children across the school.


Miss Whigham, Mr Maher, Ms Fearon,

Mrs Sambhi, Mrs Doherty, Mrs Roberts

Weekly Homework

Our Year 6 children are given weekly homework linked to what they have been studying that week.


The children will be expected to use My Maths and complete a given activity. Click on link to find the website https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ .


The children will also be expected to complete one book per week on Bug Club.  Click on link to find the websitehttps://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/

As part of the above activity, the children will also have to complete a Reading Journal entry.

Grammar and Spellings

Each child will receive an individual spelling and grammar activity, linked to the spelling and grammar objective from the current week's learning.


The children will be expected to keep a writing blog this year and each week they are expected to create something for this. This is not expected to be very long and ardious but something simple like: an information fact file, a short biography, diary entry etc. etc. 



What's happening this term...

This Autumn term's topic in Year 6 will be 'London to Dubai'. This topic is part of the AROOJ family of schools and will compare the two great cities of London and Dubai. The children will research the two major cities – looking at the difference in the physical and human geography as well as how the two cities are governed. Finally, the children will look at the food and art from each of the cultures and compare these before creating a fusion of the two.


Important information...

This space is reserved for any important documents for parents. These will often be related to the children's curriculum, targets, homework, letters home etc.

Yeadon Tarn Permission letter


Year 6 topic over view 2017-18


End of Year Expectations Year 6 Parent Booklet