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Meet the team...

Year One is all new and exciting this year with a teacher in Class 4 who is new to the school and teaching. We welcome Miss Ratour who will be working with Mrs Rai and Mrs Georgiou. Miss Ratour will be mentored by Mrs Hyde. In Class 5 we have Mrs Gilgunn on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then Mrs Hyde, our Lower School Phase Leader and Assistant Headteacher, who will teach on Thursday and Friday. The teachers in Class 5 are supported by Mrs Hodelin. Class 5 also have Miss Finn who works with the children from our DAHIT.

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What's happening this Summer term...

Image result for circusLet Me Entertain You!

The children in Year One are going to have a very exciting Summer term. This topic is a history and DT based topic. We have combined our popular circus topic and the Arooj project 'Playing Out'. In the first half term we will look at the history of the circus and look at some ethical issues surrounding the circus animals. We will have an amazing Clown Day where we will showcase some of our skills we have been learning in PE.

The second half term will focus more on games, especially outdoor playground games. We will be comparing games we play now with games our parents and grandparents played. We will also be looking at games from around the world. This topic will end will an amamzing parent event, where we will teach our grown ups how to play all the games we have been learning. 

This term is going to be so much fun in Year One!

Important Information...

This space is reserved for any important documents for parents. These will often be related to the children's curriculum, targets, homework etc.